About GreenGarage

GreenGarage promises to motivate and help auto repair shops to become environmentally conscious and responsible by setting attainable standards for accreditation, sharing industry specific environmental information and providing marketing pieces to inform the consumer of their commitment to better the environment.

We hope having the GreenGarage credential is your first step in ensuring your auto repair shop is Eco-friendly. Our idea behind this was to motivate shop owners such as yourself to be more “green conscious” and see the benefit to your clients, customers and the environment. Our site will continually update to share info on other programs and credentials that you may be interested in when you are ready to take the next step.

Why Having the GreenGarage Credential is Important to You and Your Business

If you are, or aspire to be, a green business with green credentials, why not show your customers, and anyone that’s interested in your business, what you’re doing for the environment? the public is becoming increasingly vocal about what they expect from retailers, manufactures and service providers.

Although no official data yet exists on the number of green auto repair facilities, the green market is definitely growing and it is only in recent years that this trend has become mainstream and more recently in the auto repair industry.

We think that you should have some recognition for that and shout about it-tell them what your environmental policy is! With a littler help and guidance from us, you can prove you are actively caring for our environment while conduction your business. We all know it’s good for the environment, but it also makes great business sense.


Just think of all those customers out there that are environmentally friendly and look to do business with people who think like they do. They look for green credentials in the restaurant industry, hotel industry and in general retailers. Demonstrate that you actively care for your environment by showcasing your GreenGarage logo, influencing your vendors to do the same, and impressing your customers and the general public. Everyone will feel good about doing business with you and your local auto repair shop.

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