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With your application approval you will receive a press release announcing your shop as an environmentally conscious auto repair facility, a certificate to hang in your shop and a GreenGarage logo to place in your window. More marketing pieces are being developed for your use and come FREE with your membership.Interested in the GreenGarage Credential? Apply HERE!!!

Interested to apply for the GreenGarage Credential? First here are our basic standards your company must meet in order to qualify.

  1. Comply with all federal and state environmental guidelines and regulations
  2. Recycle oil, antifreeze, oil filters and solvent
  3. waste by reducing use of paper
  4. Recycling metal scraps (steel, aluminum, copper)
  5. Use recycled products and parts where appropriate

Next, by applying for the only National Green Credential in the automotive repair business you are conveying to your peers and the general public that you are an environmentally responsible shop and engage in environmentally friendly practices as part of your normal business.

Lastly fill out our GreenGarage Official Application and send it  to afterwards please proceed to PayPal via the button below to pay.

NOTE: GreenGarage Shops are evaluated annually for compliance and acceptance. Initial membership fees are $199 and the annual renewal fee in $150. Members will be sent renewal applications 60 days before you annual credential expires. Please scan your application via email to or fax it to 623-374-5651

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