How do I make my shop GREEN?

So you want to be a green auto repair shop. Customers care, you as a business partner care, and then you see the media trying to be environmentally responsible. Making that decision is step 1, but now what? How do you participate? Here are a few ways:

  • Recycled or re-refined motor oil has been on the market for decades, but within the last year a handful o auto service companies have begun offering re-refined motor oil to their customers — and profiting by doing so.
  • PureGreen™ lubricants offer performance equal to or greater than conventional lubricants and have similar price levels. Valuable environmental benefits are created through preserving irreplaceable petroleum resources, reducing reliance on foreign crude oil, reducing the amount of used oil that is improperly disposed and drastically reducing air pollution caused by used oil that is down-cycled and burned.

There has been an increased demand for ‘recycled’ products. People are seeing recycling as a benefit. Some believe recycled products are better if not even equal. Be on the lookout for ways to be environmentally responsible. If you are looking to apply for the Green Credential for your auto repair shop, check out our page.

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