NASCAR’s colors changing to GREEN?

NASCAR’s colors are not changing to green, however they are starting to think green. NASCAR is going ‘green’, making a commitment to be more environmentally responsible.With NASCAR’s 75million + fans and the 17th out of 20th regularly attended in a single day sporting event in the world, NASCAR is on a huge platform to influence those around us.

That’s why it was great to hear UPS Trackside Services will operate with: a diesel exhaust fluid system (to reduce exhaust matter), solar panels, photocoltaic (PV)-powered system with a large array of battery power, which also provides for a generator and access to shore power at the Daytona International Speedway this year.

NASCAR fans are very loyal to their drivers and the brands each car supports. Seeing that NASCAR is promoting and being environmentally responsible, makes the consumers think about how they are being environmentally responsible. They will be thinking green.

If you want to read more about the Going ‘green’ in the NASCAR pit

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